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Forgot to send link to a guy I met in Chester UK. Check it out I think you may enjoy his music.
Loved meeting you and Lies and experiencing your jam on Waterfront 19th Jan. Now enjoying music from metal and plastic USB stick rather than the original hollow wooden ones!!
Where can I purchase a CD of your music??? Thanks.
Hi Reinart, URGENT. Re your gig In Villiersdorp Saturday 1st November. Just to say we are looking forward to this week end. You guys will be staying with us @ 32 Muller Street in Villiersdorp. However the gig will be 10kms out of town on a farm called Ratelskloof. I think Beth Muller who owns Ratelskloof, has been in touch with you. Please call me on 0828986199 so we can make arrangements . ASAP. Kindest regards Denise & Harry Peters ( We met @ your gig in Greyton)16227
would like 3 copies (to start) to sell at my shop PRECIOUS CARGO , Imhoff farm ,kommetjie, how to do this? Thanks alison
Hi Heard about you through the grapevine. Lovely stuff. Who are your influences? Keep well :)
Looks like my website does not allow me to comment straight to your posts, but will try and contact you personally if you have any questions, but would make it alot easier if you drop a question on facebook aswell! Cheers
I was wondering which song (and from which album) can be heard starting at 3:50 in your June 11th 2012 youtube upload. Here's the link. Thanks for your time! Will
Hi I bought your CD on Saturday (outside Edgars, Knysna). I would like to purchase another one - where can I obtain a copy? Thanks.
Have had my brain blown by this raw talent!!!!the gift that this young man has will reach into your core and touch your very soul. the whole experience as like watching and listening to the "BIRTH" of music. The stamina and passion Reinhadt plays with will leave you simultaneously exhilarated and exhausted. absolutely INCREDIBLE. may you go from strength to strength and THANKYOU!!!!!
Have both your CD's and caught your show at Murambi on your way up the coast on tour. When are you returning to the East London area as Sedgefield is way too far to travel to see you guys. Plus what equipment are you using to get that loop result and where does one get an electric cello? Cheers and hope your East Coast Tour rocked them silly!!
Hi guys your photos are on facebook @ thehardbard, love your sounds!
wE are in Garden Route in November. Please let us know if you have any gigs there at this time.
do you ever play in Greece or USA? love your music! was always a fan of flamenco and its great how you use it. have you ever played the bouzouki? you both have great talent.
I am making a film of my time in Antarctica and have just heard a track from your Infinity album that would be right in line with what i propose doing. So far i have three other musicians on board. I am coming up to Knysna in September and would like to connect with you and show you what i am doing.The tune that i am very keen to work with you on is called Lucid Timeline. My best wishes to you. Andrew Andrew Schofield
We watched you at Sedgefield market last yearand enjoy your CD at home in UK. We are back in SA between 7 and 22 Nov. Are you playing any gigs at that time?
I talked to you at Shedgefield about coming to Port Elizabeth. Please contact me so that we can discuss this.
Hi Guys! I love your music! I am busy planning my wedding for next year wondering if your play at weddings. If you do, what are your costs? It would be in March 2014. Thanks Carol
I loved your music. Best of luck guys and hope to see you in Lebanon one day.

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